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"I’ve tried a few seats and this is by far the best. Plus my daughter absolutely loves getting out on the trails with me. Easy to get on and off with no problems on my carbon frame. I highly recommend." – Paul Greenwood



Front Mounted Seat Rear Mounted Seat
✅ Active participation, learning to ride ⛔️ Passive participation, sitting prone
✅ Centered weight distribution on the bike ⛔️ Uneven weight distribution on the bike
✅ Suitable for full suspension bikes ⛔️ Suitable for hard-tail bikes only
✅ Visibility of what's ahead ⛔️ Looking at parents back
✅ Ability to interact/talk with the child ⛔️ Limited ability to interact/talk with the child





  • Front-mounted child seat for kids 2 – 5 years
  • Full rubber protection (for alloy or carbon frames)
  • Adjustable width and angle to fit all-mountain bikes
  • Quick-release fitting for easy installation and removal





    ➕ Will these fit on my bike?

    Front Mounted Child Bike Seat fits all mountain bikes. However, it will not fit hybrid, road, or electric bikes.

    ➕ What's the recommended age on this mounted seat?

    Front Mounted Child Bike Seat is designed for kids 2 -5 years of age, and up to 48lb or 22kg.

     Is this child bicycle seat easy to install?

    Yes, Front Mounted Child Bike Seat has a quick-release attachment that makes the bike seat for kids super easy to fit and remove.


    Each package contains:

    • 1 x Front Mounted Child Bike Seat/Handlebar
    • Users Guide


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